7 Rules of Layering

The art of layering is about how you put the pieces together.
Living in Britain, with our erratic weather, layering is a very necessary skill!

Having the right pieces is key so here are some ‘rules’ to help guide you to achieve the layering look for you.

RULE 1 – Nothing ends on a widest part

This is essentially about your body shape and you will know what is your widest part – it could be hips, shoulders or waist

Hips – avoid waterfall or boyfriend cardy
Shoulders – avoid shoulder details / pads / puff sleeves
Waist – avoid mid length or A line tops

RULE 2 – Wear a variety of lengths

This is all about your body proportions

Wear different levels to create interest and to balance up your proportions.

RULE 3 – Breaking up the line

Choose items with uneven hemlines e.g. Asymmetrical, dippy, handkerchief

RULE 4 – buy when see regardless of season

It’s all about building up wardrobe collection in right styles and colours for you.

You can buy a wider range of colours from catalogues and get out of season items in the sales.

RULE 5 – use many items all year round

This is about mixing and matching and layering with transseasonal items. E.g. thin vesties (try M&S), ribbed vests, ¾ sleeve thin T-shirts (H&M) longer line T-shirts (Oasis) Shorter / longer cardies.

Try ¾ sleeve thin T’s under dresses with low necklines.

RULE 6 – mix colours and textures

Texture and pattern hides lumps and bumps, so be brave and try some pattern and texture, there is a lot around for 2012.

Pick out a coloured T-shirt/ blouse to team with a patterned skirt (rather than just black or white) you’ll be surprised at the difference.

Mae West said “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady!”

So if you are wearing loose on top wear more fitted on the bottom and vice versa. This makes for a very elegant and balanced silhouette.

RULE 7 – be adventurous

Buy a bigger size and wear fitted underneath
Buy from independent shops / markets/ on holiday abroad.

Get a Style Me Confident Style Step 2- Wardrobe Workout – I can make at least 7 and up to 15 new outfits from what you have already got.

This is not only a cost effective way of dressing, unique to you but also helps the environment as you will use your existing items more.

Happy layering ladies.