About you


About You

Hello Lovely!

You know how as women, we can never decide what to wear and we often feel we should know what to wear and how to dress …

Well, Style Me Confident is here to help relieve you with all of that dressing stress.

We guarantee that working with us will be a great experience because we know how it feels to be confused by clothes and uncertain as to why certain outfits just don’t work for you.


So who are YOU?

You are…….

  • A busy professional lady who wants to look good in her clothes yet struggles to find the time.
  • You are a versatile multitasker who supersedes superwoman, who knows what she likes, yet lacks the time to build her confidence, and trust in her own ability to put outfits together.
  • And knows how you really want to feel, every day.
  • You are utterly unique yet have a similar lifestyle to many other busy working women.
  • You have little time or energy for yourself as you put the rest of your family first.
  • In the spare time that you have you like to go out for dinner, meet up with friends and family, do some form of exercise and take an annual holiday.
  • You strive to maintain a healthy diet (with the occasional glass of wine and a coffee and  a cake!)
  • Your biggest need right now is to have the right clothes in your wardrobe for any occasion.


Your issues tend to be:

  • You get frustrated/depressed by clothes shopping as you can’t find what you like or what fits
  • You want to look younger, yet still dress age appropriately/ contemporarily
  • You want to hide wobbly bits and parts you don’t like
  • You have no time to invest in your wardrobe to relieve these stresses.
  • You chose from the same few outfits, even though you have other lovely clothes, and often just wear what you wore the day before, keeping nice clothes for best . Then you know you’re safe.
  • You have a fail-safe go to ‘uniform’ that is comfortable, so you don’t feel self-conscious, yet you know it’s boring.
  • You know how to dress for work yet struggle to dress for day to day and smart/ casual occasions.
  • You want to experiment but don’t have  the courage to try new styles because you worry about getting it wrong so people look at you for  the wrong reasons. And you’ve then wasted money and feel self-conscious.

What you see/read on TV, in magazines about the traditional styling rules (of being a hourglass, an apple, a pear etc),  puts you in a box that you don’t necessarily  fit in, so you think it doesn’t apply to you so you dismiss it.

You’d like help, and can invest in yourself yet are uncertain who to ask and where to get that guidance.

You need: 

  • To buy less, wear more, look and feel fabulous.
  • To have a wardrobe full of versatile outfits that work for your lifestyle.
  • A simple step-by-step system that guides and teaches you so you to know what to wear every day, allowing you to feel relived (not stressed and know you look good and feel confident. 
  • Someone to tell you what to put with what, what styles and colours look best on your body, to reassure you and help build a practical wardrobe for your lifestyle, that excites you and you love.
  • A wardrobe that works for you.
  • Your clothes to be comfortable, stylish, up to date/contemporary (not necessarily fashionable), and well put together. So you look the best version of you – your best self.
  • Not to replace your whole wardrobe as it’s important to utilise what you already have, initially, by re-organising, recycling, reviving what is currently there.
  • To get dressed, every day, without any stress and feel brilliant, confident and happy.

Not sure what to do now? Just contact Gay

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