Airbrushing – the best way to slim??

I was delighted when I read an article last Sunday25/07/10 in the Sunday Times regarding Lynne Featherstone the new equalities minister who was talking about body image and how it dramatically affects our lives.

She says all women, and now an increasing number of men, have felt the pressure of having to conform to unrealistic and unachievable body stereotypes which can plague them all their lives; and that young girls are under intense pressure the whole time.

She states that young girls especially are being made to feel awful about how they look because the models and celebrities that stare at them from magazines and billboards are all impossibly beautiful and thin. The constant bombardment of retouched images poses “a significant risk to the physical and mental health of young people” and can even lead to bulimia and anorexia.

She is proposing that all airbrushed photos should carry a kite mark or a warning that they are not authentic. Brilliant! A joy to anyone above a size 12.

I totally believe that when we feel content in ourselves by dressing for the body we have; we gain huge amounts of confidence which then has a knock on affect on whatever we do in our lives – socially and in business.

This is the reason I started Style Me Confident to help and inspire as many people as possible feel great about themselves whatever age, size, shape and budget they have.

I have styled over 200 women aged between 18 and 80 years old since I started my business just over 4 years ago. And I still absolutely love it.

Being body confident at 80….


My very latest ‘client’, my Ant* Bet who has just turned 80, wanted some white crop trousers.

One of my favourite stores is M&S as they have such a wide variety of styles and I regularly shop there with all of my clients. She has difficulty trying on in stores so I got her a pair to try at home.

I found M&S Limited Collection white crop trousers, with no zips or buttons (ideal for arthritic hands) and with ‘stretch’ so the fit was good too. They were actually called jeggins (I have a running argument with my 19 year old daughter as to EXACTLY what jeggins** are) and they looked fantastic on my Aunt – great fit; flattering; easy to get on and off, looked cool & appropriate for a lady of that age.

My message is that whatever age, size or shape you are YOU can look fabulous, feel body confident and be excited about it too……no airbrushing required – thank you!


“Whoopee I’ve got my jeggins on and I feel goooooood!”


In the Autumn Lynne Featherstone will convene the first series of roundtable discussions with members of the fashion industry, including magazine editors, models and advertisers to discuss how to boost body confidence among the young; I think we have the 80 year olds sorted already! Watch this space!

* spelt this way as my younger sister wrote Aunt without the U, so she has since been known as ANT Bet

** jeggins can be 2 things – either leggings with a ‘jean like’ pattern or a cross between a jean and a legging. Any other opinions??