Are you thinking of doing the unthinkable……?

Are you thinking of doing the unthinkable……?


Are you thinking of doing the unthinkable…… and giving someone a style voucher as a Christmas gift??!

Here’s why you should!

“Initially I was a little taken aback at being given a styling voucher, and on the day, to start with, I felt nervous (though Gay made me feel comfortable and at ease).
Then I felt unsure –as my mind was being opened to explore a different way of dressing.
And then I was utterly convinced!
Gay really knows what she’s talking about.  She’s a real tonic, with a great bed side manner and always sensitive yet constructive.”

( A voucher recipient’s experience- her sisters clubbed together, as she had so many clothes that she didn’t wear.)

“Having heard good reports from a friend of my wife, I checked out the Style Me Confident website and bought Sarah a styling session voucher for Christmas. After she experienced the styling session, Sarah told me this was the best present she’s ever had. She has a new confidence in the way she looks, and when out shopping together, I am no longer called upon for my input into her buying choices!”

(Sarah has just read the above and  is now claiming that she never trusted my opinion anyway since I am apparently clueless!)
A Brave and Hero Husband 🙂

Click on the voucher above to purchase or contact us to discuss what would work best for  you.
We can ‘make a suggestion’ and ‘arrange’ with a husband / boyfriend/ partner/ family member.
Let us be your Santa Letter!