Audience with Audrey…..

audrey 2


So last Wednesday I went to see Audrey at the #national portrait gallery, with my beautiful nice Raffaela .

It was touch and go whether we would get in , but we were lucky and didn’t have to wait.

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures so I’ve incorporated some of my favourites.

I can’t remember when I first admired #Audrey Hepburn , a timeless, classic dresser and genuinely lovely person.

Maybe it started when my best friend Rose said she was ‘Audrey’ and I was Marilyn Monroe – it always makes us laugh.

audrey rose


I have in my kitchen a huge poster from Breakfast at Tiffany (can you see me taking photo in reflection??!)

audrey 4

So I guess I’ve admired her style for years, perhaps without even knowing it!

So the exhibition finishes on October 18th. Just rock up earlier rather than later I’m sure you’ll get in (they won’t let you book online anymore).

audrey 3


There were photographs, magazine front covers – #Time, #Harper Bazaar, #Vogue and posters of Audrey though out her life and career.

And what I noticed, by seeing so many in one place, that she totally dressed to suit her frame, her body and face shape so she knew how to make the best of her features and herself.

Which could be why she started the trend, at 22 years old, of promoting independence yet femininity by using fashion to redefine women in her industry (films & acting), when woman really weren’t viewed that way.

Her elfin looks – strong dark eyebrows – Hello #Cara Delevingne (make up by #Lisa Eldridge –click here to learn how to do the look – model is my youngest daughter Paris!)

Cara_Delevingne_September_2014_(cropped)kate winslet red lip

And a strong lip Hello #Kate Winslet ( make up by #Lisa Eldridge –click here to learn how to do the look – model is my eldest daughter Jessie!) combined with her short hairstyle gave an elegance with a strong undercurrent of confident chic that blew the world away!

Audrey knew how to ‘work ‘ what she had and use that to her advantage.

audrey1She always kept her clothes plain, not fussy, to suit her slim frame and carried though her trade mark, signature look – cigarette pants , ballet flats, blouse , shirt or polo neck to assure she always looked elegantly glamorous .Thus nailing her magnetism.

I noticed that in fact Audrey Hepburn has a long neck! So she suits shirts, blouses with collars. They make her look her best.

I also noticed that Princess Di must have studied her poise closely as many of her iconic photographs have the very same pose. ( or am I just terribly naive and everyone does those shots?!)

lady di face

audrey Di

It was a fascinating exhibition and a tribute to an iconic lady, who was intriguingly unaware of how she looked and the impact that she had on everyone.

So so glad that I got to see it!

The moral of this blog is……

Hey we can all do that girlfriends – just a few logical steps and BAM #cool mum #nifty fifty #coolnanny

Embrace the body you have been given, learn how to dress it, to flatter it, create your own signature looks, then enjoy the confidence that it brings you and the happiness that goes with feeling comfortable in your skin from the inside to the outside .