Are you thinking of doing the unthinkable……?

  Are you thinking of doing the unthinkable…… and giving someone a style voucher as a Christmas gift??! Here’s why you should! “Initially I was a little taken aback at being given a styling voucher, and on the day, to start with, I felt nervous (though Gay made me feel comfortable and at ease). Then I felt unsure –as my mind was being opened to explore a different way of dressing. And then I was utterly convinced! Gay really knows what she’s talking about.  She’s a real tonic, with a great bed side manner and always sensitive yet constructive.” ( A voucher recipient’s experience- her sisters clubbed together, as she had so many clothes that she didn’t wear.) “Having heard good reports from a friend of my wife, I checked out the Style Me Confident website and bought Sarah a styling session voucher for Christmas. After she experienced the styling session, Sarah told me this was the best present she’s ever had. She has a new confidence in the way she looks, and when out shopping together, I am no longer called upon for my input into her buying choices!” (Sarah has just read the above and  is now claiming that she never trusted my opinion anyway since I am apparently clueless!) A Brave and Hero Husband 🙂 Click on the voucher above to purchase or contact us to discuss what would work best for  you. We can ‘make a suggestion’ and ‘arrange’ with a husband / boyfriend/ partner/ family member. Let us be your Santa... read more

Women To Inspire Me – One Stop Styling – 28th February 2016

One Stop Styling Day Look Good Feel Good – Inside and Out Sunday 28th February 2016 – 09 30am – 4 30pm The Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth Gay Richardson of Style Me Confident and Donna Kenny The Hypno-Coach invite you to a fun and informative day at the beautiful Cumberland Hotel, including lunch and all refreshments for just £69. We’ll not only help you to sort out your everyday dressing dilemmas and demystify what to wear, but also show you how to use your imaginative mind, so you feel more confident on the inside too! Is your wardrobe full but you’ve nothing to wear? Do you want to look ‘up to date’ but still age appropriate? Do you buy something then have nothing to go with it, so wear the same styles and colours but feel frustrated? Over 60% of woman get their body shape wrong We only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time SO we end up throwing away thousands of pounds Would you agree that if you knew what styles and colours to buy and have ideas on how to wear them, then you would save so much money and look and feel fabulous? How much money are you currently spending on your wardrobe and accessories, plus hair and makeup (think clothes, shoes & bags, cut & blow, highlights/tints, facials, mani/pedi, spray tan, eyelashes etc.)? The fashion industry is worth a staggering £26 billion to the UK economy, and the hair and beauty industries combined over £20 billion. But is how you look on the outside a true reflection of how you feel on the inside? How many women still lack their true inner confidence? Donna Kenny, The Hypno Coach will teach you how to enjoy... read more

Audience with Audrey…..

Hello So last Wednesday I went to see Audrey at the #national portrait gallery, with my beautiful nice Raffaela . It was touch and go whether we would get in , but we were lucky and didn’t have to wait. We weren’t allowed to take any pictures so I’ve incorporated some of my favourites. I can’t remember when I first admired #Audrey Hepburn , a timeless, classic dresser and genuinely lovely person. Maybe it started when my best friend Rose said she was ‘Audrey’ and I was Marilyn Monroe – it always makes us laugh. I have in my kitchen a huge poster from Breakfast at Tiffany (can you see me taking photo in reflection??!) So I guess I’ve admired her style for years, perhaps without even knowing it! So the exhibition finishes on October 18th. Just rock up earlier rather than later I’m sure you’ll get in (they won’t let you book online anymore).   There were photographs, magazine front covers – #Time, #Harper Bazaar, #Vogue and posters of Audrey though out her life and career. And what I noticed, by seeing so many in one place, that she totally dressed to suit her frame, her body and face shape so she knew how to make the best of her features and herself. Which could be why she started the trend, at 22 years old, of promoting independence yet femininity by using fashion to redefine women in her industry (films & acting), when woman really weren’t viewed that way. Her elfin looks – strong dark eyebrows – Hello #Cara Delevingne (make up by #Lisa Eldridge –click here to... read more

September’s Style is Effortless

Seems like the summer is almost over (though we’re loving this late sunshine), gulp, sob, gasp, and as the nights draw in, we will be needing more layers and easy looks in our lives. Yet …… we have the TIME? In a recent survey that we carried out you told us that 82% of you are working and then add the rest of ‘life’ into the mix and it can all get a tad hairy! You also told us that when you are wearing comfortable, ‘ figure suiting’ clothes in the right colours & styles, you all feel so much more confident, at ease, energetic and happy. So how great would it be to feel like that in your day to day wear and smart/ casual outfits? And have a simple wardrobe, that allows you to get out the door looking great seamlessly – even if you stayed up all night watching Bake Off/ X-Factor/ Big Brother or walking the floors with a sick child? Well, because we love and care about you, we are holding two of our legendary Style Evenings this autumn to help you. And the first is called……..                                         “How to get dressed in 5 minutes!” So you can feel great every day, whatever you are doing. All details are below and we really can’t wait to see you again….it’s been too long! So grab your girlfriends, sisters, mums, daughters and book up now to avoid disappointment. You KNOW you deserve a treat after this soggy summer! You will learn…. Quick ways... read more

The Oscars…. High Neck Lines and No Necklaces

High Neck lines and no necklaces seemed to be the fashion trend for this year; after putting your best frock forward to shine at the annual Oscar fashion fest. It just occurred to me that most of the time the actresses, actor, director etc do their (relatively) normal jobs every day in regular clothes and so the whole’ big dress up’ thing might actually be quite out of their comfort zone. As we have probably felt on those occasions that we have had to wear something, that way exceeds are normal dress code. And so I felt a jolt of empathy for them. They are scrutinised and criticised and berated and sometimes elevated all depending on what they are wearing, the colour, the cut, the drape, the designer, the shoes, the hair ….it just goes on and on AND then they have to cope with the anticipation of whether they will receive an award too! (I’ve been there and it’s a strange range of emotions that engulf you). So I picked out just a few outfits that did justice to the body and wearer so that they look and feel confident (well from the photo it gives that impression) with what I see from a personal stylist angle. First up Sandra bullock rocks this Alexandra McQueen deep colbalt blue dress with the most spectacular drape, that enables the dress to hug the contours of her body, and with the long line pleat and fish tail train she looks elegantly unpretentious. I love the simple hair style to one side to break up the shoulder line.  perfection. Cate Blanchett won best... read more

Biba exhibition Brighton Museum

Today I went to see the Biba exhibition at the Brighton Museum, with my old school friend Lynne. It was wonderful and amazing. We absolute loved it and I felt so inspired to write this blog with lots of photos, not only of the exhibits we saw but also similar items and outfits that I have worn and are in my wardrobe- fascinating how fashion revolves! Barbara Hulanicki always had a keen sense of style and fashion and wanted to do everything differently (I want to do things differently too!), she won her first design competition at 18 with this Italian influenced swimsuit design (to keep us a little warmer in Britain!) This was made by Norman Hartwell. Barbara started the first postal clothes service (how forward thinking –it’s our online now) and initially had moderate sales. Then she was featured in the Daily Mirror and was commissioned to design a garment to accompany the article so she designed a Brigitte Bardot inspired pink gingham dress with matching head scarf (back in fashion now). 17,000 orders were received and Biba was an overnight success. Influenced by Audrey Hepburn she played with scale to create styles and patterns that hadn’t been seen before – and also mixed styles and designs from difference periods to create new silhouettes – she liked to shock – she made her son black nappies and ‘proper clothes’ in natures colours (autumnal) not traditional babies pink and blue. We saw a patterned jumpsuit with matching hat – I got my 2012 version from Ailsa to wear to an awards dinner. The Trouser suit- so on trend... read more

Gay’s Spring Fashion Picks

Gay Loves theses Spring Fashion Must Have’s Ladies this is what I love about 2013 spring trends You can look up to date by incorporating a few key pieces into your wardrobe, selecting what colours and styles suit you. Elegance in a dress The LLD Little Lace dress Miss Military – fluid fabric –silk/ jersey or suede Midi and maxi lengths Feminine floaty florals Laurel silk military Dress – £165 “ there is a dress for every mood, body shape & occasion ” Cacophony of colours 50 shades of green – from celery, lime, root, apple, olive, neonMad metallic’s –bronze, silver and all shades of gold Nuances of neutrals- charcoal, biscuit, inky blue, fresh white, bitter chocolate George at ASDA £10 “how you pair your colours will modernise your look”   Power Prints Seasonally striped – all things Breton and beyond Geometric graphics in sharp tailored pieces Bonkers patterns mixed together worn with a broad smile   jaegar at H of F £35 “Prints and patterns are fabulous for disguising the parts we don’t like, whilst upping the fun factor”   Necessary Accessories Back to school rules…..   Replace briefcase with satchel in bold bright colours The back pack has upped its game – choose leather for evening luxe or fabric for daytime – practical yet so on trend Costume jewellery can take your knits from day to disco “Stamp your style with the right accessories. it’s all about the scale”   Modern Tailoring Side split pencil skirt , straight & knee length –tuck tops in for longer legs The leopard print jacket, any style, any colour – just... read more

Award Winning Outfits

Award Winning Outfits at the Women’s Awards in Arundel or any party you like! Party wear and all variations on a theme exemplified by these gorgeous ladies that I styled for the awards event – each one looking fabulous in their own individual way. We have a combination of long, short, trousers and jumpsuit; a riot of colour or black showcasing an accent colour – a truly glamorous gaggle of gorgeous girls. Here’s what the ladies themselves have to say Joyanne– The Winner!! I could not have felt as confident or as glam as I did without your support, encouragement and faith in me. You are completely awesome.It makes a huge difference feeling confident in your clothes especially when you are working so hard on a positive mindset too. This year has been such an amazing year and I have so many positive to take from it and celebrate.Following your blogs/ video clips, seeing you for personal shopping sessions, going to the relevant workshops and the pre awards advice have all contributed to me continuing on the path of empowerment and self awareness that you started when I came on the day course originally. All these have a positive impact on me from the minute I wake up each day, just because I no longer dither at the wardrobe or try on 15 outfits. I know what works and I sometimes even pick out things the night before!!! (My Marc also loves you for that, no more awkward questions “What do you think?”). I know this sounds soppy but it has been a life changing experience and I feel... read more

7 Rules of Layering

The art of layering is about how you put the pieces together. Living in Britain, with our erratic weather, layering is a very necessary skill! Having the right pieces is key so here are some ‘rules’ to help guide you to achieve the layering look for you. RULE 1 – Nothing ends on a widest part This is essentially about your body shape and you will know what is your widest part – it could be hips, shoulders or waist Hips – avoid waterfall or boyfriend cardy Shoulders – avoid shoulder details / pads / puff sleeves Waist – avoid mid length or A line tops RULE 2 – Wear a variety of lengths This is all about your body proportions Wear different levels to create interest and to balance up your proportions. RULE 3 – Breaking up the line Choose items with uneven hemlines e.g. Asymmetrical, dippy, handkerchief RULE 4 – buy when see regardless of season It’s all about building up wardrobe collection in right styles and colours for you. You can buy a wider range of colours from catalogues and get out of season items in the sales. RULE 5 – use many items all year round This is about mixing and matching and layering with transseasonal items. E.g. thin vesties (try M&S), ribbed vests, ¾ sleeve thin T-shirts (H&M) longer line T-shirts (Oasis) Shorter / longer cardies. Try ¾ sleeve thin T’s under dresses with low necklines. RULE 6 – mix colours and textures Texture and pattern hides lumps and bumps, so be brave and try some pattern and texture, there is a lot around for... read more

Wills and Kate

It was Wills and Kate first anniversary last week and so far our new style icon hasnt put a perfectly manicured foot wrong. And I truly admire her for that. Given that, at least 80% of us struggle in some way every day, with that centuries old “what to wear, even though the cupboard is full” dilemma. Kate has had everyone, worldwide watching every outfit choice, colour, fabric and occasion it could lead many to a complete fashion fallout! Kate has seamlessly (no pun intended!) showcased designer alongside high street, and even sharing outfits with her Mum (I just love that), giving us ordinary mortals confidence that we too can look stunning without the designer price tag. She is even rocking the rules too! Kate wore black to a wedding last year, though she ‘de’blacked’ the outfit with various fabrics, velvet/ sheer and teemed with wine coloured accessories. I had a small piece in Prima Magazine May issue talking about wedding wear dilemmas here it is on the right hand... read more

Spring into springtime with Gays best bits of 2012

The sun is shining, it’s getting warmer and daffodils and crocuses are pinging up. Everything is looking fresh and bright and boy oh boy so are the clothes in the shops! A riot of colour and prints and pastels and bags and shoes -everything is shouting lets be cheerful and gay! So here are Gay’s style picks to guide you through S/S of 2012 Darling buds Floral prints are so feminine and are on dresses, skirts and tops, even trousers! I’d choose this dress from Wallis as the pattern is to one side so not so overwhelming and add wedge shoes and a plain coloured envelope bag. Prints are all animals – from birds to cats, tigers to zebra’s and all kinds of sea life. And they are on every item from tops to trousers and shirts to socks. Such fun yet so scary for many of us; what on earth would we wear them with? I’d go toned down and neutral with non print items to re dress the balance! Go on be brave p-p-p-pick up a print! A flare for peplums – Springs best silhouette story. Do you remember these? Well peplums are on just about everything; jackets, skirts, top and the good new is that they are brilliant for curvy shapes. When wearing keep other items streamlined so emphasis is on the waist. I would choose this navy jacket from Hobbs as it will go well with everything, I’ll use in the autumn too & it’s endlessly flattering. Wear with skinny or flared jeans, pencil skirt and heels. NB. Kate Middleton has already been spotted wearing... read more

A Girls Night in Ready for a Girls Night Out

A Girls Night in Ready for a Girls Night Out Recently I began working at Debenhams as their part time personal shopper in Worthing. I’m loving it! I have a Personal Shopper suite, a huge range of designers and a variety of bodies to find clothes for different occasions every day! In order to let everyone know that this service existed we held a Girls Night In Ready for a Girls Night Out with a fashion show on November 14th. We donated 50% of ticket sales to the breast cancer campaign. We sold over £170 tickets. The Mayor of Worthing officially opened the personal shopping suite; having experienced the service earlier and wore the dress she got that time. Discussing which way to tie the bow! Here is Madam Mayor with the Debenhams store team. From left to right… Emma Sutherland, Gay Richardson, Mrs Mayor, Ros Stanway – Store manager. She then went on to model a Julien MacDonald body con dress with leopard skin belt later on that night. The Mayor carried the matching leopard print shoes as they were a little too high for catwalk strutting, but you get the idea girls…match belt with shoes. The other models were a mix of Style Me Confident clients who had been to the Debenhams personal shopping suite, Judy Nash the £500 competition winner & friends who were easily cajoled into modelling after being dressed with fabulous outfits from Debenhams by Gay. I compared the two fashion shows to demonstrate that everyone whatever size, shape or age can look fabulous for any occasion My dress was from Red Herring a... read more

Gay’s Autumn Trend Check List – Shopping with confidence!

Ladies this is what I love about 2011 autumn trends. You can look up to date by incorporating a few key pieces into your wardrobe, selecting what colours and styles suit you. I’m always here if you need me!   OUTSIZED KNITS Cosy crop jumper Cable cardy Knit with leather New Look cabel and rid cardy “I’ll show you how to layer them up, you’ll be amazed”   CACOPHONY OF COLOURS Ravishing rich tones – emerald, ruby, amethyst, teal, mustard Brights for blocking –fuchsia, burnt orange, turquoise New neutrals- charcoal, nude, navy, white Wallis petite teal colour block tunic “Your colours are out there, I’ll help you find them”   PERFECT PRINTS Spotty dotty – elegantly playful Snake skin – tops, shoes, bags, beltse All over patterns – dresses, tunics, tops Snake skin purse Star by Julien Macdonald at Debenhams “No need to shy away, patterns are fabulous for disguising the parts we don’t like. I’ll show you how”   NECESSARY ACCESSORIES Bold necklaces – longer, chunkier, sparklier Long leather gloves – sleek & sexy Cocktail rings & bangles John Lewis gloves in raspberry and purple “Stamp your style with the right accessories. I’ll help- its all about the scale”   TUNICS & TROUSERS Easy elegance for night and day Instant weight loss look! Volume is balanced with tailoring Oasis at Debenhams multi-coloured stripe print “Let me modernise your look & show you how to wear shapes you never thought you could!”   ONE OF THE BOYS Timeless tailoring- elegantly streamlined The Right white shirt Sensuous spin with silky shirt & heels Karen Millen tailored stretch shirt “for all... read more

British Summer (Especially August Bank Holiday!) What, oh what to wear?

(I wore ALL my red clothes at the same time for Red Nose day- an extreme way to combat weather changes!)   I know that we British embrace our eccentricity, but really this ‘summer’ weather is stretching our imagination to the limit!   We know that it rains at festivals – well usually and we know that wellies and shorts are de rigour as well as a mac.   But what about daily life when the temperature changes by about 10 degrees from one week to the next and rain is random whatever your iphone weather apps predicts   So here are some styling solutions for your British Summer dressing dilemmas   Prepare actually do check out the weather forecast the night before, iphones/blackberry’s have apps and there is the local evening news. Like all best boy/girl scouts ‘being prepared’ is half the battle!   Plan what you are wearing not only according to the weather, but also fro whom you are seeing, what your purpose and goal are and what impact you wish to make. Remember we only have 4 seconds to make a first impression.   Layering is an up to date way of dressing and suits most body shapes and ages. The only time its not so appropriate would be for more formal wear. Wedge shoes will keep feet dry because they elevate you; they also won’t sink in soft ground yet still look on trend and are comfortable. A perfect choice- come rain or shine; a nude colour will go with everything (it also gives the illusion of longer legs) ‘Baggy’ linen/cotton jumper worn over... read more

Fast Forward for Fashion

July has passed (and hardly any sign of summer) and the autumn pre –collections are about to hit the shops; I understand that our unique British weather may necessitate such extreme measures but really autumn pieces in July/August? Slow down! The fashion industry has gained speed over the past few decades to such a pace that Kate, sorry, Catherine, Middleton’s wedding dress had been copied and was on sale within hours of our first glimpse. Even Donna Karan, recently said in Vogue “It’s ****** ridiculous. The industry has just gone crazy. It’s eating itself. There’s too much information, too much pressure. When I started there was “summer” and “winter”, now we have pre –season and God knows how many collections a year, the rush for the next thing wipes out the identity. These days it all looks the same” The trend of ‘fast fashion’ is to buy and presumably sell vast quantities of cheap clothing Generally made abroad to the extreme detriment of exploited women- yes mainly woman- read Lucy Siegle’s book To Die for is fashion wearing out our world, and it just negates the pleasure of fashion not to mention being somewhat unethical. Everything is always available to everybody at every price point and whilst that’s great for the hardened fashion followers it’s definitely not great for the world’s resources and even more so individuality. Everyone looks the same…….. and it’s tantamount to boring! We want individuality we want uniqueness and we want quality, please. This gorgeous jacket epitomises what British, nay Brighton, designers produce, that are quality garments, unique (hand printed industrial cotton) ‘on trend’ and... read more

Dress styles for different body shapes

As its ‘summer’ well kind of… are some dress styles that will suit different body shapes SHIFT Ideally for small hour glass, lean column & rectangle. Can be plain, patterned or striped. Lovely linen striped one in M&S – Autograph. More casual ones in F&F at Tesco, Boden. MAXI Suits most body shapes Only tricky for petite ladies -choose smaller pattern or plain; slimmer style and uneven hem will give illusion of height. Find in every where the choice is endless. EMPIRE LINE Suits rectangle & inverted triangle body shapes. Are essentially designed to disguise tummy weight (so DO NOT wear if you don’t carry weight on your tummy). The shops are full of this style so choose with caution. Check colour/ pattern and fabric to ensure it looks great. WRAP fabulous for curvy hourglass body shapes; fabric should be good quality and not thin as it will stick to your body in an unflattering way. Patterned ones disguise any bumps you are not so fond of. Very comfortable, yet still smart. 50′s STYLE Suits all body shapes, it’s the top half style you want to make sure ‘balances up’ with your hips. This is classic Marilyn Monroe and such fun! You just have to dare to wear! Seen everywhere – in all fabrics, colours and... read more

Body Shape Masterclass Success

In May Gay Richardson of Style Me Confident ran the first Body Shape Master Classes in Worthing. They were a huge success. We had over 30 ladies for the Friday evening class at Queens St Church Centre in Broadwater and 20 for the Monday morning class at West Worthing Baptist Church, Tarring. We incorporated a clothes swap so that attendees could try ‘new’ style and designs with their new found knowledge. We demonstrated the different body shapes and gave ideas on how to dress for that body shape using style tricks and techniques. Everyone learnt what there body shape was – some were surprised! Ladies who attended the Monday morning... read more

Body Shape Master Class from the “Gok” of Worthing and Sussex

Body Shape Master Class run by Gay Richardson, Style Me Confident (our very own ‘Gok’ of Worthing and Sussex – Gay dressed up as Gok Wan to host the Durrington High school fashion show – not many people recognised her!) There will be 2 master classes, Friday May 6th 7.30pm-9.30pm Queens St Church, Queens Street, Broadwater, BN14 7BL Monday May 9th 10am-12pm West Worthing Baptist Church, 45 South Street, Tarring, BN14 7NU ONLY £10 per person a great way to learn more about your shape, get a new item and meet Gay to see if you would like her to help you more. Do you know what your body shape is? Or do you struggle, looking at style books, magazines or watching Gok and are still unsure as to what your ‘body shape’ is? Frustrating? Oh yes!! Not any more! Gay Richardson of Style Me Confident and her team are running these body shape master classes especially for you! It’s not about how much or little you spend on clothes; its understanding what suits your body shape. And we all know that when we feel good we are happier, more confident and can weather the storms with more resilience. Given the current economic climate and the need to be more ‘green’ we are incorporating a clothes swap in the session. We are asking ladies to bring 2 recent items that they never wear/ are too big/ too small, which we will arrange clothes by type of items i.e. tops/ shirts /blouses; trousers; skirts/ dresses/ jackets etc Size is a good guide but it’s the FIT that is the most... read more

Toes 2 Head in Red

Here’s a few slides showing my antics on Red Nose Day…. Red Nose Day- toes2 head in RED slideshow read more

Body confidence – why do the celebrities have it all? Because they cheat!!

Botox, boob jobs, airbrushing, plastic surgery and the list goes on….. Well who wouldn’t look gorgeous, albeit frozen with all that artificial tampering? Well maybe there’s a change in the air ………….. A whole posse of celebrities are coming out and admitting that Botox really is a ‘bad boy’. Teri Hatcher, Courtenay Cox, and Nicole Kidman have all admitted to using Botox but recently gone cold turkey and stopped using it. Even Victoria Beckham (after vehemently denying she had breast implants) accidently revealed in February Vogue’s interview that the ‘torpedo bazookas’ were “Gone”!! So what about us mere mortals? Can we have body confidence without the money to ‘buy it’? YES WE CAN ladies, YES WE CAN. And the secret is style tricks that can make you look and feel fabulous when you wear the best styles for your body shape. So it’s the STYLE of clothes that will give us confidence; and confidence is a mighty powerful and attractive trait; so much more sexy than too much bare flesh. Men and women are automatically attracted to a confident people regardless of their age, size, shape or budget. Naturalness, real teeth, real boobs, real face and real nature create a very strong attraction when carried off with confidence. Its real women embracing ourselves and enjoying life. I recently carried out a photo shoot at Jo Wise photographic studio with gorgeous clients of Style ME Confident for my body shape website page. – see fabulous results We had such fun getting hair and make up done by Amanda J professional make up artist and then dressing up in... read more

Dying for reflection perfection? Don’t even joke about it.

50% of girls aged 3-6 years old think that they are too fat. As a personal stylist nothing makes me angrier than the inappropriate and dangerous messages that elements of the media persist in bombarding us with. We live in an image-obsessed society, which, especially for young and impressionable girls, can cause terrible self-doubt and anxiety, sometimes leading to devastating consequences. In a recent article in the Sunday Times Eleanor Mills highlights a recent survey that showed that 50% of girls aged 3-6 years old think that they are too fat. 3 years old!!!! I find this outrageously shocking and deeply sad. Are we really so obsessed with ‘reflection perfection’ that the confidence of our children is being destroyed before they have even learnt to tie their own shoelaces? It appears so. But everywhere you look – TV shows, magazines, movies, adverts – there are images of ‘perfect’ people. We are being overloaded with images of ultra slim and ultra attractive men and women who look as they do, thanks, in no small way, to the magic of airbrushing. Scientists have found that being inundated with images of thin women can alter the way the females’ brain works. It is also proven that woman are biologically programmed to measure themselves against other females, then act on what they observe to be ‘the best’ so as to bag themselves the best mate. But making comparisons between these false images and the reality of our own faces and bodies is madness – dangerous madness. We are re-wiring the brains of our young in an utterly destructive way. You think I’m overreacting?... read more

Vintage at Goodwood

Vintage at Goodwood – Wonderful, Wicked, Wellies, Women (gorgeous), Wildness, Wayne (Hemingway), overWhelming…………What more could you want? Well, I can say with great certainty, because I was there, that VaG was an un believable spectacular affair – you needed to be there for a least 3 days to look, see, feel, dance, sing, smell, fling yourself into everything that was available to be experienced. I was there to chat live to Vicky and Millie from Spirit FM about the All Woman Show September 12th 2010 and body confidence, airbrushing, and empowering women listen here – so even though it was radio I was still happily contemplating on my outfit when someone mentioned the M word – mud!! Download now or listen on posterous Style_Me_Confident.mp3 (6724 KB) I don’t DO mud; I don’t do RAIN (I don’t do queues either whilst we are ‘don’t doing’) and I certainly don’t do WELLIES (I know I know they are all part and parcel of a festival but this was a festival ABOUT style as well as fashion, music, design and vintage so I went into a hyperprolactic fit………..then calmed down; took 2 outfits and a bag with wellies borrowed from my lovely friend Kay.   I finally decided to wear a 50’s inspired outfit with my Converse All Stars – perfect choice – stylish, went with outfit, comfy (I was there for 12 hours) and washable in case of mud attack.My friend Barbara bought emergency wellies that morning (actually her so lovely husband Jim bought them) and teamed with colourful vintage flowered dress – delightful! It wasn’t only me that the M... read more

Airbrushing – the best way to slim??

I was delighted when I read an article last Sunday25/07/10 in the Sunday Times regarding Lynne Featherstone the new equalities minister who was talking about body image and how it dramatically affects our lives. She says all women, and now an increasing number of men, have felt the pressure of having to conform to unrealistic and unachievable body stereotypes which can plague them all their lives; and that young girls are under intense pressure the whole time. She states that young girls especially are being made to feel awful about how they look because the models and celebrities that stare at them from magazines and billboards are all impossibly beautiful and thin. The constant bombardment of retouched images poses “a significant risk to the physical and mental health of young people” and can even lead to bulimia and anorexia. She is proposing that all airbrushed photos should carry a kite mark or a warning that they are not authentic. Brilliant! A joy to anyone above a size 12. I totally believe that when we feel content in ourselves by dressing for the body we have; we gain huge amounts of confidence which then has a knock on affect on whatever we do in our lives – socially and in business. This is the reason I started Style Me Confident to help and inspire as many people as possible feel great about themselves whatever age, size, shape and budget they have. I have styled over 200 women aged between 18 and 80 years old since I started my business just over 4 years ago. And I still absolutely love... read more

How to be stylishly environmentally friendly & economical too

Recently I read that high street clothing costs are going to rise for the first time since 1991. This is partly due to rising transport costs, the weakness of the pound and the increase in VAT to 20% in January.So ladies we need to be a bit savvier with our style choices and make the most of what we have got to create different looks. I have shown you 4 ways to wear a simple black dress and there are endless possibilities when you have the right colours and styles for you in your wardrobe. It’s just a case of being inventive or asking for help from an expert (could that be me??) for alternatives ways to get helpful advice to suit all budgets go to or call me for a FREE 10 minute consultation.   I am wearing a linen/cotton black dress from Benetton that is a very flattering style for my body shape and proportions.Here’s why….. It is shaped and fitted for my ‘straighter’ top half and then skims my curvier bottom half. The neckline is a square scoop so keeps the black colour ‘away’ from my face. Black or any very dark colours near my face are very un complimentary – they make me look old and tired. The V shape of the bodice part ‘covers’ my tummy area very well. The hem is asymmetrical so gives the illusion that I look taller than I am Up to date factor – alternative maxi dress for the under 5’ 3” ladies Summer lunch/ networking meeting look…….We added a light-weight, short sleeved, slightly crinkled blouse (New Look).... read more

Giving doesn’t always have to be monetary – July 1st Charity luncheon and fashion show.

  The beautiful spectacular Sedgewick Hall         We modelled Alice’s collection of clothes, jewellery & accessories ( on the terrace whilst the ladies ate lunch with a glass of wine.     The models We all do modelling for Alice for her charity doo’s for the fun of it and of course to ‘give something back’ to the community. I mean your lives would just not be the same without seeing us parading, laughing, not quite fallingover and generally enjoying showing off the outfits that we put together for eachevent.All models available for London, NY, Paris Fashion weeks!   We all wore these stretchy knits and so I decided to ‘mix‘ the colours to glam mine up. I added the scarf in cerise and the green bag to keep the continuity of cerise and green. The colours worked amazingly well. The dark cerise worked brilliantly with the lime green and when the top was untied from behind it hung in front rather elegantly being kept together at the front by the rose.Want advice on how to mix and match your wardrobe? Contact me Gay Richardson     The pond – it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!   We looked out at this from our ‘catwalk’(the flagstone terrace!)   Alice’s efforts and the generosity of Claire the owner of Sedgewick Hall, we all raised £408 for CHASE.    ... read more

Body Confidence Workshop for ladies of any age (this month we had ages ranging from 18 to 83!),size or shape- all just wanting to know HOW to dress the best for their body shape, size and age

Last Saturday the first official day of summer, Style Me Confident held the second of its monthly Body Confidence workshops at the lovely, peaceful cool Chatsworth Hotel in the centre of Worthing. Seven ladies gathered together to learn about what colours suited them and how to mix different colours together; what their real proportions are i.e. long/short legs, short /long body, sloped or straight shoulders and whether hips were narrower or wider than shoulders. With this information we the discussed what styles would suit their particular proportions. Ladies chatting at break time   Claire & Chloe changing! Gay showing colours to Margaret At lunchtime, after a buffet lunch, the ladies were sent on their shopping task. We asked them to go to a shop that they normally didn’t visit i.e. Dorothy Perkins (old fashioned), H&M (too young) & Top Man (for men!!). They were to buy an item or accessory that suited them with the information that they had learned in the morning session about colours and styles. The girls did good! Chloe came back with a fabulous ‘summer’ coloured scarf from Top Man. Shirley got a bright green crop cardy perfect colour and style for her from Dorothy Perkins (a shop she hadn’t been in for years) and Charlotte got a khaki patterned tunic top from H&M (see photos below) The belt breaks up the tunic and adds more detail to Charlottes top half   We tried the items on and discussed how well they suited each person and then showed how to mix and match them with another item and use accessories to up date their look.... read more

Make Up Workshop and Grand Opening of the “Style Studio” Blend Blend and then blend just a little bit more….

Yes it was the first Make-up update Workshop held in the new The Style Studio for Style Me Confident last Monday night. And what a night it was! We started with assessing every ones colour qualities as even this effects what colour make-up you wear e.g. if you are warm toned then you suit golden glows and yellow based make-up and if cool toned then you suit pinky/bluey based make-up. Chis has a cool skin tone and used dark grey eyeliner to ‘open up’ her eyes   We then showed how a 10 minute dash out the door make up could be applied. Here are some of the top tips + best buys   To make a foundation into a tinted moisturiser add a little moisturiser to the back of your hand and add a little foundation. MAC Blot Powder, the most common shade is Medium dark for almost all skin tones. This acts like blotting paper and will set foundation and take away shine. A great powder for under the eye is by Laura Mercier and is called Secret Brightening Powder. It is so finely milled it goes on fantastically and as the skin under your eye is so thin does not look too heavy. Avoid ‘stick’ concealors as these can drag on your skin. Liquid concealers are best and go for a shade lighter than your colour. YSL Touché Eclait is great but beware that in flash photography you may well end up with white panda eyes due to the high content of Titanium Dioxide in it. MAC Select and Laura Mercier Secret concealors are brilliant. A... read more

Does what a woman wears for work count?

At Last Saturday’s highly successful Microbiz event (over 750 visitors), Style Me Confident spoke to an assorted group of 30 – 40 small, aspiring and established business owners about what you wear CAN effect how your business succeeds. You only have 4 seconds to make a first impression so it’s got to be your BEST one – ever. We started with all wearing a hat – there were berets, wedding hats, bunny ears, caps, 1940’s with net, beach knotted handkerchief et al which elicited many laughs and groans. The message was that whatever you are wearing it makes you feel a certain way and that was only a hat. So wearing clothes that you feel and look good in is crucial for your confidence. Gay then talked about Business style facts 95% people dress incorrectly for their jobs No. 1. interview mistake is dressing inappropriately You can use your image to increase perceived value What you wear tells a tale quickly & succinctly. Generally we don’t think business wear is important – it is! We don’t realise that there are rules and we need to apply them. We prefer comfort over business clothes and we show too much skin. We don’t understand our audiences’ needs or follow what the leaders in our industry are wearing. It may seem trivial to the uninitiated but lets think of politicians e.g. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. They were both up to date, the clothes reflected their personalities but, crucially, the clothes were appropriate for their audiences and the occasion. You warmed to them; you believed them because they looked authentic. Hillary... read more

Teetering on the brink of spring?

It’s the 1st March, the sun is shining, and the shops are brimming with the latest wonderful S/S  fashions – floaty dresses, Breton Tee’s and everything in denim but its still a tad too ‘goose pimply inducing’ to go full on S/S wear. Don’t worry help is at hand Kylie (Minogue) and Gay (Richardson) have been ‘collaborating’ and have created 2 looks that are perfectly possible to wear now.  This is what Kylie did …… teamed a chiffon, patterned (patterns are great for hiding any lumps or bumps) floaty dress with a black structured belt and a long sleeved, long lined elegant (it’s all in the jersey fabric) black cardi. Wearing black in two places ‘pulls’ the look together. Keeping black away from the face is perfect for Kylies light colouring. She isn’t wearing any tights but could either solve that ‘cold’ problem by wearing barely there tights with her nude court shoes or alternatively just hail a taxi. And so Kylie looks elegant, up to date, fabulous and warm – all at 40+. Just Brilliant.                                                     This is what Gay did…….teamed a ‘shades of nude’ body con dress  (from H&M – so loving there S/S collection ) minus straps with a ¾ sleeve thin white Tee, black opaque tights and black platform court shoes (when colour of tights and shoes match its elongates the legs). Add a diner jacket  then big earrings and a cream corsage (ideal for de-blacking near the face – Gay and Kylie share the same... read more

U3A Ladies in Arun get style & colour tips from Gay Richardson our Sussex ‘Gok’

This morning in the ‘delightful’ downpour I arrived at the U3A ladies group in Rustington. My ‘first 4 seconds’ impression gave more of a drowned rat picture than elegant business-like but friendly look I planned on giving! But after drying out the morning was a great hit.  U3A stands for the University of the Third Age, which is a self-help organisation for people no longer in full time employment providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment.  It consists of local U3As all over the UK, which are charities in their own right and are run entirely by volunteers.  Chris Wright, looking fantastic, who herself had been styled 10 years ago and wanted to share the brilliant benefits of styling with her group, had invited me to give the members some hint and tips on how to look and feel fabulous regardless of age, shape, size or budget; by wearing the best colours and styles that ‘went with them’. Also to inspire confidence – as when we get compliments about how we look our self esteem grows, then our confidence and we dare to try new things and experiment. We all have a habit of buying the same colours, same styles and shopping at the same shops just because we are unsure of really what suits us. When you do know it makes dressing fun, less expensive (how many unworn clothes do you have in your wardrobe?) and you can look taller, slimmer and even more gorgeous! What’s not to like? Many of the ladies wouldn’t dream of wearing a belt but I showed them a few tricks which they could do and... read more

You don’t have to be six foot tall, size 6 & slim to be stunning……

as London’s Fashion Week starts tomorrow 99% of the models ARE six foot tall, size 6/8 and super slim(skinny) – the designers wont, dont, cant use your average size shapely women as models because ……………. well why? We want to know. We are fed up and bored of conforming to be tiny. Today I was with a client and we were looking at outfits in a magazine for ladies with bigger busts, smaller bust, wider shoulders, narrower shoulder, larger size and shorter in height etc BUT the outfits were ALL modelled on the SAME SIZE model! It doesn’t matter WHAT size, shape or age you are, we can all look and feel fabulous if we are wearing the clothes that compliment our bodyshape, proportions, scale and body line. when you know how you will wish you’d found out that information years ago! So why wait any longer? contact me now to arrange a style consultation either by email or by phone on 01903 538 774. If you prefer book HERE for a place on the body confidence workshop which we run monthly.... read more

How to be fashionable at any age

  Body Confidence Workshop Saturday 27th February 12.30 – 5pm At Curves in Goring, Goring Street (before railway crossing)   Learn what colours flatter you, what fabrics & patterns to wear, which styles suit your shape & about putting outfits together with accessories. £50 each only 4 places left contact reception desk at Curves or Gay 01903 538 774 to reserve your place. “I thought it was brilliant. My confidence has gone through the roof since my body shape and proportions were clarified. I am no longer avoiding clothes because of my narrow shoulders and short body – they don’t exist!! I’m not dreading the big 40 later in the year because I will knock them dead!” Alison, 39,... read more

London Fashion Week

Don’t forget London Fashion week is on from Friday 19th – Monday 22nd February 2010 with opening times from 10am – 7pm & Tuesday 23rd February 2010 from 10am – 6pm. For more information regarding London Fashion Week please visit  ... read more

Body Confidence Workshops for 2010

As many times with life it really is the little things that make a big difference.  So for example taking a few inches (you can tell how old I am!!) off the length of a skirt or dress can reduce your age by years. We can all dress ourselves- that’s mandatory- but if we want to really make the most of ourselves we can probably do with a little style ‘coaching’ to really make the most of our shape. And save ourselves time, money and look fabulous. It’s all about the perception that you have of yourself. To book yourself on the next Body Confidence Workshop please click Here   “Thank you so much for Saturday, it was great and so informative and interesting.  For the first time in ages I can’t wait to go shopping!! (My husband is dreading it!)  I have been raving about you to everyone and have been now looking at what everyone is wearing!” Amanda J... read more