Body confidence – why do the celebrities have it all? Because they cheat!!

Botox, boob jobs, airbrushing, plastic surgery and the list goes on…..

Well who wouldn’t look gorgeous, albeit frozen with all that artificial tampering?

Well maybe there’s a change in the air …………..

A whole posse of celebrities are coming out and admitting that Botox really is a ‘bad boy’. Teri Hatcher, Courtenay Cox, and Nicole Kidman have all admitted to using Botox but recently gone cold turkey and stopped using it.

Even Victoria Beckham (after vehemently denying she had breast implants) accidently revealed in February Vogue’s interview that the ‘torpedo bazookas’ were “Gone”!!

So what about us mere mortals? Can we have body confidence without the money to ‘buy it’?


And the secret is style tricks that can make you look and feel fabulous when you wear the best styles for your body shape.


So it’s the STYLE of clothes that will give us confidence; and confidence is a mighty powerful and attractive trait; so much more sexy than too much bare flesh.

Men and women are automatically attracted to a confident people regardless of their age, size, shape or budget.

Naturalness, real teeth, real boobs, real face and real nature create a very strong attraction when carried off with confidence.

Its real women embracing ourselves and enjoying life.


I recently carried out a photo shoot at Jo Wise photographic studio with gorgeous clients of Style ME Confident for my body shape website page. – see fabulous results

We had such fun getting hair and make up done by Amanda J professional make up artist and then dressing up in our most favourite and flattering outfits and posing for photos in Jo’s studio.

I had made apple jacks especially for the occasion to keep us all going, which were as healthy as can be, with its still being January and we all swapped dieting & exercise tips – freeze mini mars bars so take ages to eat but still a small treat; buy the mini Green & Blacks choc bars so you feel like you’ve eaten a whole bar but its only tiny and drink loads of water; of course!!

Ann and Lucy’s children were the best behaved children in the world- they didn’t want to leave!

So if you want to look, feel and record the fabulous YOU – you can!
Contact Gay and Amanda and Jo we all do various packages at keen prices.
Go on you deserve it.