Body Confidence Workshop for ladies of any age (this month we had ages ranging from 18 to 83!),size or shape- all just wanting to know HOW to dress the best for their body shape, size and age

Last Saturday the first official day of summer, Style Me Confident held the second of its monthly Body Confidence workshops at the lovely, peaceful cool Chatsworth Hotel in the centre of Worthing.

Seven ladies gathered together to learn about what colours suited them and how to mix different colours together; what their real proportions are i.e. long/short legs, short /long body, sloped or straight shoulders and whether hips were narrower or wider than shoulders. With this information we the discussed what styles would suit their particular proportions.


Ladies chatting at break time



Claire & Chloe changing!


Gay showing colours to Margaret

At lunchtime, after a buffet lunch, the ladies were sent on their shopping task.

We asked them to go to a shop that they normally didn’t visit i.e. Dorothy Perkins (old fashioned), H&M (too young) & Top Man (for men!!).

They were to buy an item or accessory that suited them with the information that they had learned in the morning session about colours and styles. The girls did good!

Chloe came back with a fabulous ‘summer’ coloured scarf from Top Man. Shirley got a bright green crop cardy perfect colour and style for her from Dorothy Perkins (a shop she hadn’t been in for years) and Charlotte got a khaki patterned tunic top from H&M (see photos below)

image0041 (1)
image0051 (1)

The belt breaks up the tunic and adds more detail to Charlottes top half


We tried the items on and discussed how well they suited each person and then showed how to mix and match them with another item and use accessories to up date their look.

In the afternoon we discussed fabrics and scale and how that can affect choice of items, fit and whether it’s right for you.

Finally we tried on our ‘I’ve never worn this‘ item and showed how sometimes with accessories, some alterations or adding other clothes you can make the item work for you.

See Shirley to the left in bright cool deep coloured top she never wore (colours are perfect for her) – we added a red flower and long silver necklace & she looked fabulous. Check out that smile!



However, sometimes a purchase can not be worth ‘saving’ as it’s doing nothing for you; so several of these items that suited someone else in the group better were swapped.

Claire (to the right) in Charlottes silver skirt which suited her body shape and body line perfectly and when teamed with coloured vest, crop cardy & long silver necklace we created a smart/casual outfit from Charlottes ‘cast-off’.


image0071 (1)

Mid afternoon 7 smiling, happy, more confident ladies left the Chatsworth to either do more shopping or just enjoy that sunshine and ponder on the days activities.

Style Me Confidents’ Make–Up Date Workshop with Amanda- J

Also in May – Style Me Confident and Amanda J held the second successful Make-up Update workshop at The Style Studio (available to hire for up to 6 people for £25 per hour including refreshments)

We learnt how to apply the ‘quick 10 minute dash out the door’ face – which I have been using very successfully (allows extra 10 mins in bed!).



Attentive, happy attendees!

image0091 (1)

Amanda-J applying blusher to Izzy


Amanda J applying eyeliner for the quick 10 minute make up

Also Amanda showed us how to use make up to enhance or de-tract from areas of our faces we want to show off or hide.

It’s quite amazing what some simple but natural make-up application can do.

I still can’t quite face the eyelash curlers but it does make a HUGE difference if your eyelashes are straight. So be braver than me!

For more details of both workshops either go to

or call/email me 01903 538774

and I will send you a flyer for your pin board at work and/or at home.