British Summer (Especially August Bank Holiday!) What, oh what to wear?


(I wore ALL my red clothes at the same time for Red Nose day- an extreme way to combat weather changes!)


I know that we British embrace our eccentricity, but really this ‘summer’ weather is stretching our imagination to the limit!


We know that it rains at festivals – well usually and we know that wellies and shorts are de rigour as well as a mac.


But what about daily life when the temperature changes by about 10 degrees from one week to the next and rain is random whatever your iphone weather apps predicts


So here are some styling solutions for your British Summer dressing dilemmas


Prepare actually do check out the weather forecast the night before, iphones/blackberry’s have apps and there is the local evening news. Like all best boy/girl scouts ‘being prepared’ is half the battle!


Plan what you are wearing not only according to the weather, but also fro whom you are seeing, what your purpose and goal are and what impact you wish to make. Remember we only have 4 seconds to make a first impression.


Layering is an up to date way of dressing and suits most body shapes and ages. The only time its not so appropriate would be for more formal wear.


Wedge shoes will keep feet dry because they elevate you; they also won’t sink in soft ground yet still look on trend and are comfortable.

A perfect choice- come rain or shine; a nude colour will go with everything (it also gives the illusion of longer legs)

‘Baggy’ linen/cotton jumper worn over a summer dress; try a thin white ¾ sleeve T-shirt underneath + ankle /cowboy boots

Leggings/ jeggins & T-shirt/ tunic are a light weight choice and then can be layered up with a crop cardy or jacket the weather.


Shorts can be worn with matt tights and pumps for those colder summer days and still look up to date.


Fabric is another consideration – natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk and wool are more ‘breathable and will keep you warmer or cooler .


Many items today are made of synthetic fabric and competitively priced as the price of natural fabric s has soared- check the label and my advice is to buy quality rather than quantity


Carry umbrella/ flip flops & mac at all times for very happy bank holiday weekend!