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Subject: How to look and feel fabulous when you’re not in your bath robe

Gay is obviously a natural – her Forest Mere evening talks and entertainment are a blast with her personality shining through. She attracts good numbers and the performance is always professional and high calibre.

Tom Callingham, Champneys Forest Mere

HMRC logo

“When the ‘SMC’ event was advertised, the places were booked within minutes!  The event was lively, fun and very informative. ‘I now know what to wear to feel good – such a boost to my confidence’. Positive momentum continued well after the event- with many saying confidence has grown and grown. It had definite benefits for team working.”

HMRC April, 2014


“Gay supported our Women in Technology event ‘Gravitas with Style’. She brought the session to life with a mix of activities that demonstrated what you wear or ‘dressing the part’ is another aspect of non-verbal communication.  The whole session generated huge amounts of engagement and confidence. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all, summed up as a “Great day, the content was unexpected and refreshing.”

 Jo Howard, Women in Technology Chairperson

NLH Solicitors

Subject: To have all female staff dress well and appropriately for different occasions in the work environment and also to feel more confident

“The talk and exercises were light hearted but interactive and effective. They were enlightening to us as management as much as for our staff, challenging our own views as to what was or was not acceptable in a modern professional environment. We found that following the conference there was a subtle change not only in the improved standard of dress of our staff but also their own confidence in how they looked and carried themselves.  It is fair to say that we were delighted with the outcome and the change which was brought about whilst everyone had some fun in the process.”

  Jane Dahill, Consultant Solicitor, NLH Solicitors, September 2010

Bennett Griffin

“I would not hesitate to recommend Gay and her engaging “Style Me Confident” presentation to local businesses.

First impressions do count and Gay is skilled at helping staff reflect on the small things that can improve self-awareness and confidence in the work place.

It was cringe free and often funny, the perfect combination for addressing issues like these at an AGM and ensured that everyone left with a memorable and positive experience.

Bennett Griffin  Solicitors, 2009

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