Does what a woman wears for work count?

At Last Saturday’s highly successful Microbiz event (over 750 visitors), Style Me Confident spoke to an assorted group of 30 – 40 small, aspiring and established business owners about what you wear CAN effect how your business succeeds.

You only have 4 seconds to make a first impression so it’s got to be your BEST one – ever.

We started with all wearing a hat – there were berets, wedding hats, bunny ears, caps, 1940’s with net, beach knotted handkerchief et al which elicited many laughs and groans.


The message was that whatever you are wearing it makes you feel a certain way and that was only a hat. So wearing clothes that you feel and look good in is crucial for your confidence.

Gay then talked about Business style facts

  • 95% people dress incorrectly for their jobs
  • No. 1. interview mistake is dressing inappropriately
  • You can use your image to increase perceived value
  • What you wear tells a tale quickly & succinctly.

Generally we don’t think business wear is important – it is! We don’t realise that there are rules and we need to apply them. We prefer comfort over business clothes and we show too much skin. We don’t understand our audiences’ needs or follow what the leaders in our industry are wearing.

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It may seem trivial to the uninitiated but lets think of politicians e.g. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. They were both up to date, the clothes reflected their personalities but, crucially, the clothes were appropriate for their audiences and the occasion. You warmed to them; you believed them because they looked authentic.

Hillary Clinton, cancelled her interview with Vogue for fear of coming across too feminine (in those trouser suits – I don’t think so!). She obviously wasn’t comfortable in her own skin and that ‘lack of confidence’ probably lost her votes.

Anything is easier when you know how and all it take is some time, effort and then using that knowledge wisely to progress in your business.


In today’s climate we need to do whatever we can to get ahead of our competition. One of the simplest and quickest ways is to adapt what we are wearing and how we wear it; thus making ourselves feel good, look good and be more confident.

Style me confident have been running Body confidence and business workshops since 2009 and they have been extremely successful AND fun.

“Thank you so much for yesterday – absolutely brilliant. Both Steve and I made changes today! Keep doing what you’re doing – it makes a real difference in peoples’ lives.

“I’ve been shopping already!! Went yesterday and spent a little bit of money AND I’ve chucked out 90 % of my black clothes. I had such a brilliant time on Saturday- thank you soooo much. I’ve recommended you to everyone! Wore my new clothes today and felt fab.” Izzy,

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