Dress styles for different body shapes

As its ‘summer’ well kind of…..here are some dress styles that will suit different body shapes



Ideally for small hour glass, lean column & rectangle. Can be plain, patterned or striped. Lovely linen striped one in M&S – Autograph. More casual ones in F&F at Tesco, Boden.



Suits most body shapes Only tricky for petite ladies -choose smaller pattern or plain; slimmer style and uneven hem will give illusion of height. Find in every where the choice is endless.


empire Suits rectangle & inverted triangle body shapes. Are essentially designed to disguise tummy weight (so DO NOT wear if you don’t carry weight on your tummy). The shops are full of this style so choose with caution. Check colour/ pattern and fabric to ensure it looks great.


wrap fabulous for curvy hourglass body shapes; fabric should be good quality and not thin as it will stick to your body in an unflattering way. Patterned ones disguise any bumps you are not so fond of. Very comfortable, yet still smart.

50′s STYLE

50s Suits all body shapes, it’s the top half style you want to make sure ‘balances up’ with your hips. This is classic Marilyn Monroe and such fun! You just have to dare to wear! Seen everywhere – in all fabrics, colours and patterns