Dying for reflection perfection? Don’t even joke about it.

50% of girls aged 3-6 years old think that they are too fat.

As a personal stylist nothing makes me angrier than the inappropriate and dangerous messages that elements of the media persist in bombarding us with.

We live in an image-obsessed society, which, especially for young and impressionable girls, can cause terrible self-doubt and anxiety, sometimes leading to devastating consequences.

In a recent article in the Sunday Times Eleanor Mills highlights a recent survey that showed that 50% of girls aged 3-6 years old think that they are too fat. 3 years old!!!!

I find this outrageously shocking and deeply sad. Are we really so obsessed with ‘reflection perfection’ that the confidence of our children is being destroyed before they have even learnt to tie their own shoelaces?

It appears so.

But everywhere you look – TV shows, magazines, movies, adverts – there are images of ‘perfect’ people. We are being overloaded with images of ultra slim and ultra attractive men and women who look as they do, thanks, in no small way, to the magic of airbrushing.

Scientists have found that being inundated with images of thin women can alter the way the females’ brain works. It is also proven that woman are biologically programmed to measure themselves against other females, then act on what they observe to be ‘the best’ so as to bag themselves the best mate.

But making comparisons between these false images and the reality of our own faces and bodies is madness – dangerous madness.

We are re-wiring the brains of our young in an utterly destructive way. You think I’m overreacting? Well, consider this: In Britain alone there are 1.4 million women with eating disorders, 140,000 of who have anorexia nervosa. Scary, isn’t it?

The message we should be reinforcing to our young people is that our bodies and minds need to be healthy to be beautiful. A balanced diet and a balanced and realistic view of what we see in the mirror is the smart way to go – love what you’ve got and work with it.

That’s where I come in. I can show you how to make the best of your body shape, whatever size or age you are. By advising you on colours, styles and tricks so that you feel fabulous, look amazing and swim in compliments. Yours daughters will then follow suit and be healthy, happy, confident people.

As one of my recent workshop clients said: “It doesn’t cost the earth and I look and feel like a million dollars.

Small change, big effect. Magic!”


Today is my 50th Birthday and along time ago this was my twin sister and me, aged about 4, and we were smiling about the lovely dresses with appliqué vegetables on, rather than thinking about how ‘fat’ we were.

I now have 2 daughters myself and am passionate about their eating healthily, accepting their body shapes and dressing to make the most of themselves so that they look and feel confident and happy; so………

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me in 2011 on the subjects of airbrushing and the persistent misrepresentation of what constitutes physical perfection.

In the meantime I would love to hear your thoughts, so please email me or comment below.