Fast Forward for Fashion

July has passed (and hardly any sign of summer) and the autumn pre –collections are about to hit the shops; I understand that our unique British weather may necessitate such extreme measures but really autumn pieces in July/August?

Slow down!

The fashion industry has gained speed over the past few decades to such a pace that Kate, sorry, Catherine, Middleton’s wedding dress had been copied and was on sale within hours of our first glimpse.

Even Donna Karan, recently said in Vogue “It’s ****** ridiculous. The industry has just gone crazy. It’s eating itself. There’s too much information, too much pressure. When I started there was “summer” and “winter”, now we have pre –season and God knows how many collections a year, the rush for the next thing wipes out the identity. These days it all looks the same”

The trend of ‘fast fashion’ is to buy and presumably sell vast quantities of cheap clothing

Generally made abroad to the extreme detriment of exploited women- yes mainly woman- read Lucy Siegle’s book To Die for is fashion wearing out our world, and it just negates the pleasure of fashion not to mention being somewhat unethical.

Everything is always available to everybody at every price point and whilst that’s great for the hardened fashion followers it’s definitely not great for the world’s resources and even more so individuality.

Everyone looks the same…….. and it’s tantamount to boring!

We want individuality we want uniqueness and we want quality, please.


This gorgeous jacket epitomises what British, nay Brighton, designers produce, that are quality garments, unique (hand printed industrial cotton) ‘on trend’ and affordable at £190. This is from Studio AILSA, 19 Bond street


Kevin Freeman of Renaissance Creative design, was inspired by the west pier, in Brighton for this gorgeous gown.

Renaissance specialises in the unusual, the extravagant and the Avant Garde and has recently been shortlisted for Designer of the Year by the Sussex Fashion Trust.

I challenge you to start to create your own unique wardrobe collection that will suit your colouring & your body shape and express your personality whilst making you feel fabulous.

Then unlike the teenagers who HAVE to be seen in something different for each facebook ‘show’, you will wear your wares more than once yet in a different way.

Happy summer styling

Best wishes