About Gay


Gay Richardson has spent her working week in wardrobes and high streets with ladies in various states of dress and undress for over 10  years.

No matter what age, size or body shape, Gay brings happiness and relief to women, inspiring them to love themselves, celebrate their beauty and feel confident and happy about the way they look.

Gay has written for and been written about in local, regional and national  magazines and national publications including The Mail on Sunday, You magazine, Woman and M&S online bank. She loves writing about fashion over 50.

She is a renowned speaker at woman’s groups in social and business situations.

In November 2013 Gay won the prestigious Sussex Woman of the Year, Women in Fashion Award. The place erupted when this was announced!

Gay trained at the London college of Fashion and was a founder member of Association of Stylists and Image Professionals. Gay specialises in fashion over 50 !

If you happen to be eavesdropping on Gay while she’s working with her clients, you’d frequently hear her clients exclaim, “OMG I would never have put that with that – I look great!” and then they smile – a big beaming, confident smile.

Gay says: “My earliest memory of loving clothes was at the age of 4½ when my dad bought my twin sister and I a little brown and white checked dress each with appliquéd fabric vegetable shapes – I loved it!

I knew really wanted to help people and become a nurse, however, my phobia of blood and needles put paid to that.

When I was bringing up my two daughters, I had an amazing job, which I loved and was successful at. I had the company car, pension, private health cover, laptop, mobile phone (or rather house brick!) and it was term time only – perfect! However, after 10 years, I got bored and started looking around for something else. I had always been interested in fashion and as I have nicely matured I focus my skills on fashion over 50.

I found a job advert, as a community fundraiser with a local charity. Everyone said that it was the perfect job for me – I had all the necessary skills for it; I practiced my pitch with friends – I was going to have that job – it was my dream job.

And I got it! I took a huge risk leaving my safe, secure job but hey, what could possibly go wrong?

I enjoyed working with the volunteers, loved the work but within a week of starting, I knew it wasn’t right for me. I was the target of workplace bullying and I had to leave; I left just before Christmas, my confidence was destroyed and I managed to find seasonal work at a local high street department store.

I hated it with a passion. I felt like I’d failed. I was at rock bottom and didn’t know what to do.

Why, oh why had I risked it all and given up a job that I was so good at?

Sitting in my office at home, I pondered on what I could do. It had to be helping people, that’s what I was drawn to. Trinny and Susannah (from What Not To Wear) were the big thing on TV – I’d never watched the programme because I’d heard that they were really mean to the ladies they were helping. I watched one episode and that was it – my defining moment – I knew that I could do what they did, but in a kind way … and the rest is history.

Professional training at London College of Fashion followed, despite friends telling me I didn’t need training – I needed to know the technical detail. Like you, I knew that when I wore some outfits I felt amazing and that other outfits left me feeling less confident, but I didn’t know WHY.

Fashion over 50 !

In May 2005, armed with this technical knowledge and a passion to help people to look and feel fabulous in their clothes, Style Me Confident was born.

10 years on, I still absolutely love what I do – working with ladies from teens to their 80s, showing them instant style tricks that transform how they feel about their bodies, and to love what they wear every day.”

Fashion over 50


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