Giving doesn’t always have to be monetary – July 1st Charity luncheon and fashion show.


The beautiful spectacular Sedgewick Hall






We modelled Alice’s collection of clothes, jewellery & accessories (

on the terrace whilst the ladies ate lunch with a glass of wine.



The models

We all do modelling for Alice for her charity doo’s for the fun of it and of course to ‘give something back’ to the community. I mean your lives would just not be the same without seeing us parading, laughing, not quite fallingover and generally enjoying showing off the outfits that we put together for eachevent.All models available for London, NY, Paris Fashion weeks!


We all wore these stretchy knits and so I decided to ‘mix‘ the colours to glam mine up.

I added the scarf in cerise and the green bag to keep the continuity of cerise and green.

The colours worked amazingly well.

The dark cerise worked brilliantly with the lime green and when the top was untied from behind it hung in front rather elegantly being kept together at the front by the rose.Want advice on how to mix and match your wardrobe? Contact me Gay Richardson



The pond – it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!


We looked out at this from our ‘catwalk’(the flagstone terrace!)


Alice’s efforts and the generosity of Claire the owner of Sedgewick Hall, we all raised £408 for CHASE.




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