Kate Henwood


After working in banking and finance for 15 years, I became a proud mum. During maternity leave, I decided to become a childminder rather than going back to an office environment and I did this for ten years.

Clothes were never top of my priority list – I’d always been overweight and never really liked my body. Clothes were functional, nothing more.

In the summer of 2012 I was widowed and I needed to rediscover who ‘Kate’ was. I’d first met Gay, in her personal shopper role in Debenhams, when I was trying to buy a dress for my husband’s 50th birthday party and remembered that she did “talks”. I went along to one of these and ended up booking a colour and style analysis session – I needed to go back to basics.

After my session, I’d learned so much that I booked Gay to do a Wardrobe Edit and subsequently a shopping trip. By now, I was starting to love my clothes …

My journey of rediscovery continued and while working with Gay on my holiday packing, she revealed that she hated paperwork and all things administrative – all the things that I love! This led to me doing a few hours admin work for Gay. It was then that Gay realised that I was not only good with paper, I was creative too – a rare combination, apparently!

Early in 2014, Gay invited me to become her business partner. Shocked didn’t begin to describe how I felt – 18 months before, clothes didn’t even feature on my radar and now I was to become part of a styling business. What a transformation!

And now my clothes are so important to me and how I feel – I’d never have believed it.

So yes, I’ve been there and worn the t-shirt – only now I know what colour and style of t-shirt to wear (and how to video it)!”

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