The Wardrobe Diet™


The Wardrobe Diet

What is the Wardrobe Diet™ ?

It’s a smart choice for every woman who wants to be happy with her body & what she wears.

It’s a personalised step by step programme, spread over six months, that teaches you how to use your clothes to motivate you to maintain the same size.


The Wardrobe Diet in person will give you:

  • A Stylofacts A5 binder to record all your all style details
  • Wardrobe Diet Keyring – includes colours and styles – for use in your handbag
  • Personalised look book (photos of outfits for iPhone/ iPad/ computer)
  • On-going support via email, FaceTime or Skype
  • Closed Face Book Group
  • Monthly style bulletin


What do we do?


Where will this happen?

At The Style Studio in Worthing, then your home (so long as you live within a 30 mile radius of Worthing)

If you are further afield please go to to check out the online option for £190.


How long will it take?

Four x 2 hourly sessions over a six month period


How much does it cost?

£65 per month for 6 months

**Save £120 by choosing The Wardrobe Diet in Person rather than the individual sessions **


“I can honestly say that I have saved money by going on this ‘diet’ because I know what NOT to buy!
Feels good to know what flatters your ‘best bits’ and how to look up-to-date without looking ‘age inappropriate!”

Diana, West Worthing

Not sure what to do now? Just contact Gay.

Phone: 07801 869179

Or email: