Learning to love your body shape

  • Do you think you are a certain shape but still can’t find the styles that make you look or feel great?
  • Do you try on an item but know something’s ‘not right’, buy it anyway and then don’t feel confident in it?
  • When you understand what your body proportions are and how to use the styles that you wear to ‘balance up’ your proportions you will learn to love yourself and feel more confident than before.
  • We teach you how to dress for your proportions and determine what is your best style of jackets, trousers, dresses, skirts and tops.
  • We show you the best necklines and sleeve lengths to suit your body shape.
  • We show you how to accessorise, including footwear.


Understanding your best colours

  • Do you wear black or neutrals as you don’t know what colours suit you?
  • Are you bored and frustrated because you’d like to wear more colour?
  • When you understand which colours compliment you, you will look younger and healthier, instantly!
  • We will help you to learn which colours suit you; the best neutrals, best metallics, best animal prints.
  • You will learn how to wear different colour combinations.
  • You receive a pocket sized colour and style keyring making it easier to check for ideal items when shopping.


Where will this happen?

The Style Studio in Worthing


How long will it take?

2 Hours


How much will it cost?




I came to you feeling fat and frumpy at 40 after having my first baby. My husband treated me to a styling session with you and it was the best gift he has ever given me!

I thought I had been dressing well and couldn’t understand why I felt so negative about myself. You helped me to understand my body shape and showed me clothing tricks that transformed my appearance before my eyes.

I also discovered I was wearing the wrong colours. I feel amazing when I am wearing the right ones and my naturally pale skin has colour!

I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family and I even received my first ever from my father in law!

For the first time in my life I really don’ t mind my body shape because now  I know what to do with it! The result? You have made me feel fab and funky at 40 and I can’t thank you enough! – Sarah, 40,  Worthing  November 2014

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