Vintage at Goodwood

Vintage at Goodwood – Wonderful, Wicked, Wellies, Women (gorgeous), Wildness, Wayne (Hemingway), overWhelming…………What more could you want?

Well, I can say with great certainty, because I was there, that VaG was an un believable spectacular affair – you needed to be there for a least 3 days to look, see, feel, dance, sing, smell, fling yourself into everything that was available to be experienced.

I was there to chat live to Vicky and Millie from Spirit FM about the

All Woman Show September 12th 2010 and body confidence, airbrushing,

and empowering women listen here – so even though it was radio I was still

happily contemplating on my outfit when someone mentioned the M word – mud!!

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I don’t DO mud; I don’t do RAIN (I don’t do queues either whilst we are ‘don’t doing’)

and I certainly don’t do WELLIES (I know I know they are all part and parcel of a festival

but this was a festival ABOUT style as well as fashion, music, design and vintage

so I went into a hyperprolactic fit………..then calmed down; took 2 outfits and a bag

with wellies borrowed from my lovely friend Kay.


I finally decided to wear a 50’s inspired outfit with my Converse All Stars – perfect choice – stylish, went with outfit, comfy (I was there for 12 hours) and washable in case of mud attack.My friend Barbara bought emergency wellies that morning (actually her so lovely husband Jim bought them) and teamed with colourful vintage flowered dress – delightful! image0021

It wasn’t only me that the M word played havoc with. I met several ladies

who also had had a dilemma.


Karen Sergeant , a cosmetic consultant had to made an emergency dash to a horse riding shop on route to VaG and got these fantastic red wellies that go so well ‘colour wise’ with her outfit. Karen said about the wellies

“They just had to be red”.Like any hardened fashionista she also had her preferred choice of footwear in her bag just in case the mud didn’t happen.


Here ……Karen models both looks!



Donna Morgan, the sales Manager at Goodwood had brilliant purple wellies, that set off her wonderful black and white colour co-ordinated outfit; Maybe she had had inside information as a Goodwood employee??

Thank you girls you both looked very glamorous and I apologise profusely for my bad photography (cutting off top of heads is a speciality!! – see Alvin!)


I accosted another festival goer, Fiona Hesford a knitwear designer from Tarring,

who was queuing to get into a fashion show.

Fiona was wearing psychedelic wellies with a bow detail! Purchased from Top Shop last year.




I bumped into Judy – the Post Office mistress at West Chiltington who was wearing this fabulous red rose dress (that I had helped her choose for a party). She had just added a net petticoat and a crop red cardy and va va voom – the vintage look!

Judy blatantly decided against wellies in any form and luckily that day the mud wasn’t really an issue.





Did you think I had forgotten the men?

No no no that would be very remiss of me!


I had the delightfully unexpected pleasure of meeting Alvin Stardust – REAL LIVE- not a look-a-like or stand in. Alvin was wearing a really lovely soft blue/charcoal/white checked shirt which he informed me he got in the sale for £4 instead of £120 – go Alvin what a bargain!

His beautiful boots however weren’t in the sale.

I saw him perform old classics – dressed in ALL black leather + ‘those’ gloves and his rock version of Duffys Mercy which his 9 year old daughter Millie had suggested – such fun.

I also met Gary Axon, Motor Sport Press & PR Manager for Goodwood, who was bravely

(danger of ‘mud showing’ factor high) sporting a crisp cream linen suit and a bright pink striped

shirt – very dapper & perfect for VaG.

The gentleman who wore the Burberry trousers and I believe a ladies Burberry square silk scarf ……I fear was dabbling a tad the other side of being dapper!   Whilst Justin here looked very Vintage, prepared for any weather situation, with his fabulous hat (I tried to get it off him) and long Macintosh.

Gina was there for the swing dancing in the amazing 40’s style nightclub –The Torch Club, dancing to the sound of the John Miller Orchestra (yes that’s Glen Miller’s son) – unbelievably fabulous; you had to queue to get in!

And so I just can’t wait till next year and by then I should have got the whole festival/welly thing sorted!

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