What are speaking gigs?

Our speaking gigs are a presentation to a larger group of women, to inform and inspire them to know how to feel more confident within themselves through the art of dressing.


What we do:

We come along to your venue and provide a fun, informative and inspirational talk!

How long does it take?

The talk is a minimum of one hour and will vary in length depending on amount of interaction and how many people are involved. It can be either daytime or evening.

What will you talk about?

We can personalise this talk for charities, corporates and businesses and also for teenagers.

We can tailor talks to cover sensitive areas if you require e.g. appropriate dressing for work, weight issues,

What does a talk cost?

Have a look at the different groups that we work with to see what a speaking gig will cost.

Can you help us to organise the event?

We can provide templates for posters, e-vites, invites, tickets and booking records if you need them and answer questions you may have about the event.

Where will it be held?

At a venue that you choose and organise

Who can attend?

Anyone you invite to come along – mainly ladies but any friends, colleagues, supporters – all are welcome.

What do attendees get?

Everyone will take away tips that they can immediately implement, and feel more confident in doing so.

Not sure what to do now? Just contact Gay

07801 869179