You don’t have to be six foot tall, size 6 & slim to be stunning……

as London’s Fashion Week starts tomorrow 99% of the models ARE six foot tall, size 6/8 and super slim(skinny) – the designers wont, dont, cant use your average size shapely women as models because ……………. well why? We want to know. We are fed up and bored of conforming to be tiny. Today I was with a client and we were looking at outfits in a magazine for ladies with bigger busts, smaller bust, wider shoulders, narrower shoulder, larger size and shorter in height etc BUT the outfits were ALL modelled on the SAME SIZE model!

It doesn’t matter WHAT size, shape or age you are, we can all look and feel fabulous if we are wearing the clothes that compliment our bodyshape, proportions, scale and body line. when you know how you will wish you’d found out that information years ago!

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